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Imagine my surprise…

Saturday, April 23rd, 2011 | Uncategorized | No Comments

Imagine my surprise…when I lifted Julie’s pony tail to discover hundreds of nits attached to her hair! As I looked closer, I could see lice, some bigger than others, crawling around on her scalp and hair! I’d noticed was she was scratching her head more often, but I didn’t think much of it and had never even seen anything when I brushed her hair!

My first thought was OMG! I felt my heart sink, but I couldn’t let her see my reaction. I’d heard friends’ stories about headlice, and I knew there was no quick fix, but it’s a whole new ball game when it was my own child. I wondered where she could have gotten them-the sleepover a couple weekends ago? The headphones in the school’s computer lab? Hadn’t they sent home a flyer last month?

At this point it really didn’t matter. I just knew I had to do something now. Like everyone who’s looking for answers, I went to the Web. I was the most concerned about how to get rid of them and then how I could keep them from spreading to everyone else! I was pretty overwhelmed when I got online. How to keep them from spreading was fairly straight-forward, but how to get rid of a lice problem was a different story. There are literally hundreds of products that say they get rid of lice-chemical to all natural. I soon realized that killing the lice was doable with lice shampoo, but getting rid of the nits was where the real battle lay.

I learned while chemical treatments do kill lice, no matter what they claim, they do not kill nits. At one time they did, but over the years the nits have built up resistance, and now the amount of chemical it would take to destroy the eggs is beyond the safe limit for children. In short, the nits have to be removed mechanically (nitpicking?!) or every 7 to 10 days the stragglers will hatch and re-infest. Real nice.

So, I started looking at those combs, hundreds of different combs. I’m thinking, “Why so many combs? If they worked, wouldn’t there be just a few?” Different colors and shapes-some metal, some plastic-but they all kind of worked on the same premise.

The Nitwick was different, though. Not only that, how it worked made a lot of sense to me.

That’s it for now. Stay tuned for more of my story.

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