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No more lice combs

The Nitwick is a revolutionary tool developed by a registered nurse to quickly and effectively remove nits after a head lice infestation.

Nit removal is the final and most important step in eliminating head lice.

For every nit left on the hair, the hatching louse will lay hundreds of eggs throughout its 28 day life cycle.

Lice combs are simply ineffective at removing nits after lice are killed. They cannot capture nits; they comb over them.The Nitwick captures and traps by surrounding the entire surface of the hair shaft. It also eliminates the need for cleaning and boiling.

The patent pending Nitwick is designed to give the proper amount of pressure and surface area to remove the maximum number of nits and lice without damaging hair.

Each order includes a Nitwick and 18 removable and reversible pads, more than enough to handle a case of head lice.

Coming to stores !!

In the future we hope to be in a store near you! We are working diligently to get Nitwick into stores for your convenience. We understand that the quicker a lice infestation is treated the quicker you and your family will be back to normal. Normal is good, and no product has been able to successfully treat lice and nit removal quite like Nitwick. We are super excited to become the essential part of lice treatment that helps get your child back to being a kid again!


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